At a Glance

Aiteo is one of Africa's fastest-growing energy leaders. We are an integrated energy group with a clear vision for the future and the experience and assets necessary to provide oil and gas on a regional and global scale. We discover, produce, store and deliver energy resources to marketplaces worldwide.

Benedict Peters, Founder and CEO

Benedict Peters is the founder and CEO of the Aiteo Group, and has nearly 30 years of experience in the trading, banking and oil and gas industries. His vision for the Aiteo Group is built on an integrated business approach that combines many aspects of the energy industry in order to provide an extensive solution and add value to the resources sector.


Our strategy is to be a major part of the world's energy solution by developing our core asset areas – oil, gas, and electrical power – as a strategically balanced and complementary portfolio of opportunities. This diversity enables us to meet demand and deliver value through changing commodity cycles and unpredictable national and world events.

People and Culture

Aiteo encourages a culture of excellence. We value and reward the contribution of high-performing individuals and teams in achieving the company's objectives. We invest in training and leadership development to help our employees reach their full potential.


The past provides evidence for what the future holds. A ship, set on a known course will reach its destination. Similarly, Aiteo's successful past is strong indication of our energy leadership for the future.


At Aiteo we have a long standing commitment to conduct business in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

Core Values

We live and grow by our core values of innovation, responsibility, integrity, safety, people and teamwork, by which we create and build lasting value for our clients, employees, partners, and energy consumers worldwide.