The Aiteo environmental compliance team manages risks appropriately to ensure that we do the best we can as a business. A greener work place is our consistent goal and we meet this by the following:


Our staff have devised initiatives which help keep our work flows digital reducing the amount of paper, waste and fuel we use annually. Through utilizing the best options in technology and investing in more efficient work systems, we are able to streamline our production of office and site waste.

We are in the process of instituting a 'give back drive' where all our ICT equipment once replaced are refurbished and donated to local education charities.

Over the coming years, we will be investing in research into the measurement of our impact on the environment. This new initiative will measure our waste production, paper, water and energy consumption over the coming year. Recommendations from this environmental impact analysis will be the blue print from which we will draw our policies for the coming decades.