As a leader in the oil and gas industry, we're committed to stewardship of the environment. Our concern extends to safeguarding and developing our employees and other human capital, as well as building and supporting the communities who rely on us.

Our staff are our most valuable assets as such, ensuring staff welfare at Aiteo is paramount. As a company we invest in the following

  • Employee Health and Well Being
  • Training and Development
  • Diesel fuel
  • Cutting Edge Health and Safety (training and equipment)
  • Staff Voluntary Pursuits

Just as we aim to support our employees by giving them the tools they need and by maintaining a course of expansion that unlocks new career opportunities to which they can turn their expertise, we also embark on collaborations with the communities in which we operate, bringing economic prosperity and, naturally, improving downstream oil and gas infrastructure as a necessary component in our drive towards increased market penetration.