History: A track record of growth

The past provides evidence for what the future holds. A ship, set on a known course will reach its destination. Similarly, Aiteo's successful past is strong indication of our energy leadership for the future.

Founded in 1999, the company operated under the name Sigmund Communnecci Limited. The company name was changed to Aiteo during a rebranding exercise. The new brand signifies not only a change in name but a change in culture and strategy to propel the company to new heights.

Since its inception, Aiteo has been a trail blazer in the petroleum sector, helping to grow the downstream petroleum sector and providing constant availability of high quality refined products worldwide

In 2008, the company committed to building comprehensive energy capabilities and services from exploration through retail delivery of finished petroleum products plus electrical power.

Today, Aiteo is a full-spectrum, integrated energy company with services that span bulk petroleum products storage, marketing and distribution of refined petroleum products, oilfield services, electricity generation and distribution, LPG bulk storage and a fast-developing retail distribution network. Through strategic investment and steady growth,

Aiteo has one of the largest private storage facilities for refined petroleum products in sub-Saharan Africa. Assets include petroleum storage facilities with capacity of more than 320 million litres. This includes our Port Harcourt terminal with capacity of over 110 million liters and our Apapa terminal with capacity of approximately 210 million liters.


Aiteo has contributed to the phenomenal growth of Nigeria's oil and gas industry. Through innovation and hard work, we have consistently provided real value to private and public organizations. Today, we enjoy relationships with our clients as the company of choice and as a trusted partner in securing energy needs.

In a market with a growing need for energy services and related products, Aiteo is uniquely positioned as the preferred partner.