Aiteo's greatest assets are above ground... Our people.

People are one of the main reasons for our success. At Aiteo, our strategy is to hire only the best and the brightest people in our industry. Each member of our team brings the expertise, leadership skills, dedication, industry know-how and experience required to make responsible decisions for all our stakeholders. People are one of our core values, the driving force that guides our business and shapes our vision.

Based on our diverse workforce, we have a broad reach throughout Africa and beyond, bringing a global perspective to the oil and gas industry. All employees share a commitment to meeting the needs of clients and partners and building lasting value for our shareholders.

We believe that employee development and education are fundamental for the long-term growth and evolution of our company, so we invest significant resources into training, professional development, and social programs to maximize employee potential, drive progress and ensure that everyone's best interests remain aligned with the needs of clients and shareholders, so every community that we touch benefits, too.

By developing our people, we are fast becoming one of the leading oil and gas companies in our region.